Settled down (seriously...)

Last 2 weeks was exactly the 5th years of me and baby.
The road wasn't so easy but at least... we're still here 

Together for the 5th years of us it seems like a married couple that haven't sign the COM and not yet staying together. We do everything together such as shopping, watching films, dinner and also tripping.. Oops, I mean going trip together. He's my life in everything already (ok la.. bulu is standing up, huh?)

That night, we went for a lil' bit special dinner than usual nights at..

Berlin Bier Houz.
Wait.. Pressie?

3 days later after the night he gave me a life pressie than I'm not going to forget. Stay tune to know what is that.

After that, I have my own sweet time the party babes and he was with the dudes.

Later on the dudes only came back to join us on the dance floor. I had 2 Flaming Lambo. Talk about the 'geng-ness' 

Thanks to all my babes for the night. We are sure going to have another great one.

Told you, the Anniversary we …

Writing a blog on your finger tips

Nowadays I'm kinda amazed by what had an Apple or not to be specific the "smartphones" can do.

Guess what?!

I'm typing my blog at just my finger tips and it's mobility by updating what is happening around you.

That is why nowadays people tend to have a habit which is taking out the phone from their pockets and start 'checking in' the place they went, 'facebook-ing', 'twitter-ing', 'instagram-ing' and hell lots more to be done. It's just an automatically and it's a must-do every second and every minute.

Especially the youngsters, they'll still call each other to hang out and stuff, but once they arrived, they'll started to 'check-in' the place. Later on, 'Facebook-in' to scroll the most recent status updates and lastly 'Twitter-in' of what are they doing during the hang out moment.

How easy is that? These people it's rare to communicate like what it used to be.

Somehow try to not too …

Post in 2011

Been neglecting the blog since last year May. Life is been crazy with ups and downs Don't know where to begin.
As for now, I'm getting married soon. at last.heh
I'm not sure I'm still keen about updating the blog or not, but it just I'm free for a couple of minutes and decided to let you guys know bit of me.
Nothing much! Life is about work work and work after all. Hope will do some updating more about pictures than words.
Till we meet again


you decide for me?
I have came across this page from facebook known as
DISTEXPRESS*click here*
They have this TGIM Giveaway by just VOTE for your fav color + Photo + Answers.
Top 5 winners will get a your-wished-iPhone cloth-color.

Main point is, I need you all to help me LIKE my post. pleazeeeeeeeee

If i won this, i treat you 'lim teh'
Closing date is 20th May 2010 by 2pm.
I wished to get the red cloth for my iPhone. Thanks
Aye! The contest had officially ended at 2pm today.

Results:I WON! ♥

I wanna thanks all my buddies & friends who have been so supportive. In a day, my rate of LIKES jumped from '0' to '100'
Imagine, A DAY man!
Thanks for the effort muahhh :)

Hennessy Artistry @ KL & PG

After an unforgettable night at The Opera not too long ago,
Hennessy Artistry‘The Global Art of Mixing’
will once again hit the Malaysian clubbing scene with not one,
but TWO astral parties in May :

QEII @ Penang on 27th May 2009
Zouk KL on 29th May 2010

So what you're waiting for?
Get your arse off and BLOG to get the passes and get into the


A combo of two top Malaysian DJ’s make their way into Hennessy Artistry in the second installment.
Truly a force to be reckoned with,
Ad Bangers is a duo that will bring the house down with attitude!

DJ Blink,
the hyperactive DJ, producer, promoter and designer,
is constantly gorging on information,
filing his head with as many bytes as possible.

DJ Didjital
brings to the table his unique style,
and takes it on to another level with his versatile selection of music genres;
ranging from bassline, fidget and hard electro house
whilst mixing it up with his rhythmic scratching and tricks.

Based in the US, Speaker Junkies has unleashed a new world o…

College Friends

Hey Peepz, I know i know this is a very past tense post. But somehow, I'm BACK!
Well, i'll keep updating for the best i have from now on. Starting with the post of meeting up with my college friends. I think this gathered up was back in 2009. Gosh! Time flies eh..
Khai Siang x me
We called up each other after so long we haven't meet back in 2007 i believe?
Aneka Selera here it is a.k.a Mushroom Stop alright alright
'Dong Gu Ting' nice?
Food nicer. Next, we have Trinity a.k.a Bird from her colleagues. For latest news i have, she went off to JB to have her own family. Alright, i was just kidding. She went there to build her new life with her bf. Nice life babe.
The last pic on the day. with KuanTing's and gf as well. This group was just quarter partial everyone. For the rest already in KL have their working life. It's so hard to gather up all and everyone like last time.
U know, last time was like a call or a knock on the door. You'll get this!
i miss you guys!

I don't wanna explain w…